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(even if you're not a writer)

Launch a legacy that will

bless your family help the hurting transport readers plant seeds lead to Jesus

for generations.

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How I can help


We’ll go through a polishing process that sharpens your writing skills and ensures your content is clear, concise, and captivating!

Cover & Formatting

We’ll create an eye-catching cover and a compelling blurb that convinces people to read your book. Then, you’ll select a look you love for the inside! 

Publish & Promote

I’ll help you select a publishing route, upload your files, and provide a marketing resource (coming soon) you can use to launch and sell your book!

Hi, I'm Danelle!

I’m here to help Christians accomplish their book goals without writing experience and hours of research on how to self-publish a book.

You’re in the right place if:

  • You’re looking for a Christian non-fiction editor.
  • You’re ready to format your book (fiction or non-fiction).
  • You want to learn more about publishing options.
  • You want to leave a legacy that will lead others to Jesus.

That’s why I created a Prep for Publishing Checklist. To help you get your story out there so you can do the work you are called to do!


Danelle is an encouraging editor. She helped me write, format, and publish my story on my terms and timeline.
I appreciate Danelle's attention to detail. She helped me format and add finishing touches to my Revolutionary War story for students.
Danelle was an essential member of my book team! She persevered through technical and personal adversity to publish my book on a special date relative to my first daughter's life. I highly recommend her for formatting and copyediting.

From The Blog

Reduce the overwhelm.

You can become an author.

It all starts with knowing your options and following a checklist to finish and publish your book.

Imagine …

  • Pursuing your purpose with confidence
  • Sharing God’s wisdom and grace with others
  • Reaching more people with your message
  • Furthering your passion project
  • Being a career author
  • Growing your business
  • Helping others through trials
  • Establishing credibility as a speaker
  • Making an eternal impact

I can help you get started.

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