If you're here, I bet we have some things in common. Let me guess . . .

You want to write a book. But not just any book, one that serves a higher purpose. A book that sheds light, extends grace, offers comfort and hope, or helps others grow closer to God.   

You want to leave legacies that lead to The Way, Truth, and Life. Legacies that teach, inspire, and show love. Legacies that will remain with your family and the world long after you’re gone.   

Your free time is limited, but you have goals and you chip away at them. You strive to be efficient. Every minute you can save using a resource is gold!

If you're anything like me, you want to

  • Make the most of this life
  • Accomplish what God is calling you to do
  • Share what you’ve learned with others
  • Leave a legacy 

That’s why I created the Prep for Publishing Checklist. To help you accomplish your book goal!

"It's never too late to be what you might have been."

I realized how much I love editing for Christian authors at the age of thirty-nine. I was expecting my second baby and helping my friend Cheryl edit her first book. 

It was a touching memoir about her childhood and a series of crossroads that led her to Christ. After editing, we formatted the interior and wrote the copy for her back cover. She found a cover designer, and I referred her to a proofreader. Soon after, Cheryl self-published her book through Amazon and sold hundreds of copies.

During that time, I felt called to become a professional editor and offer self-publishing services. I was hooked on making books!

Taking care of my boys was reason enough to stay home, but God knew I would need a professional outlet. And this purpose couldn’t be more perfect. It’s like God took all my strengths, education, work experience, life experience, and passions and created work just for me.

Collaborating with fellow believers to produce books with meaningful messages lights me up. I absolutely love it!

So contact me about your book goal. It would thrill me to hear about it! I’ll do everything I can to help you make it a reality.

Oh, and my friend Cheryl–she’s now working on her second book!

Writing can be overwhelming.

  • Because you have limited time
  • Because writing isn’t one of your strengths
  • Because this is your first book
  • Because you don’t know what you don’t know about publishing

I can help you write and publish a well-written book that looks professional. 

You can do this!

I’m here to help you

  • Write a book 
  • Design your book
  • Publish your book
  • Promote your book

That’s why I created the Prep for Publishing Checklist–to help you accomplish your book goal one confident step at a time.

"Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven."

Can I tell you a secret?

Most people don’t realize how simple it is to publish a book now. You no longer need a literary agent and lots of luck or fame and a huge following. Just a checklist!

What’s been on your mind to share with others?

No one is standing between you and your book goal.

Let your light shine!

Wondering where to start?

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It will save you so much time! I’ve spent hours putting the publishing pieces together so you don’t have to.

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