Saving My Kids’ Art with Artkive

When my son started preschool, the papers he brought home started piling up. There’s this spot on my kitchen counter inside the door where mail and schoolwork quickly accumulate. A few years back, my sister-in-law and I were talking about it. She mentioned ordering a storage box from Artkive, a

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Discipleship in Coaching book cover

Discipleship in Coaching by Dan Ellis

My Dad Wrote a Book! Working with author Dan Ellis on Discipleship in Coaching was special. Not only because he’s my dad, but because he’s a talented writer and teacher. His coaching experience and knowledge of the Bible come together in a new book titled Discipleship in Coaching. It will

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Rainbows and Brainstorms by Chrissy Whitten

Book Three Friends, if you’ve been following author Chrissy Whitten’s story through her Journals from a Warrior’s Mother series, book three will blow your mind. Pun intended. After losing their firstborn daughter, God blessed Chrissy and Michael with another baby, but shortly after that, they discovered Chrissy had a brain

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Brand Colors

How I Chose My Brand Colors If you’re an author or business owner, what inspired your choice of brand colors? For me, it was blue ink and the classic yellow pencil with a green metal tip and pink eraser. Going through school in the ’80s and ’90s, I mostly used

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Book Birthday! Riding the Wind by Calla Scott

One-Year Book Birthday It’s been one year since Calla Scott released her first book, Riding the Wind, and reviews are in. Readers are loving it! The historical fiction book currently has five out of five stars on Amazon and twenty-six ratings. If you’ve read Riding the Wind, please take a minute

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The Book of Kells

Saint Patrick and The Book of Kells

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Are you familiar with Saint Patrick and The Book of Kells? The Book of Kells Kevin and I went to Dublin in 2014 and got to see the famous Book of Kells on display at Trinity College. It’s an amazing piece of art designed for use

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Using Brave Books to Leave a Legacy

Equipping Our Kids to Be Discerning How do you teach your kids to be brave and discerning? I have two boys, five and three, and they’re already picking up on what’s popular when they watch television programs and play with their friends. When I came across Brave Books for children,

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The Fall to the Climb by Chrissy Whitten

Book Two I’m excited to announce author Chrissy Whitten has released book two of her Journals from a Warrior’s Mother series titled The Fall to the Climb. It’s really beautiful, and I’m proud to be a part of the project. This book offers a lot. Like book one, it’s perfect

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The Fight by Chrissy Whitten

One-Year Anniversary It’s been one year since author Chrissy Whitten released her first memoir, Journals from a Warrior’s Mother: The Fight. We recently caught up since working together, and she filled me in on her life post publishing! Chrissy shares what she’s learned about promoting her book and an update

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Riding the Wind by Calla Scott

A NaNoWriMo Success Story This week, my young friend and client, Calla Scott, is releasing her debut novella, Riding the Wind! Calla wrote her rough draft during the thirty-day NaNoWriMo challenge last November, an accomplishment that many writers only dream of. Her sixth-grade English teacher, along with her Hispanic Culture

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