The Fall to the Climb by Chrissy Whitten

Book Two

I’m excited to announce author Chrissy Whitten has released book two of her Journals from a Warrior’s Mother series titled The Fall to the Climb. It’s really beautiful, and I’m proud to be a part of the project. This book offers a lot. Like book one, it’s perfect for anyone who’s grieving a loss or who wants to comfort and encourage others. Chrissy not only shares her story, she includes Scripture, songs, and poems that helped her through her first year of grief.

Book two picks up where book one left off—two months after her firstborn daughter Lilian passed away in 2010. I love how Chrissy trusts God to guide her through everything—valleys, mountains, heartache, anger, new endeavors, surprises, a single day, and her future. It’s really inspiring! The Fall to the Climb is currently available in three formats: a black and white paperback, a color paperback, and Kindle eBook.

Design Details

With 83,964 words and 155 images spread over 384 pages, The Fall to the Climb was no small task. This is our second collaboration with editor Staci Mauney and illustrator Tammy Edwards. Both women are so talented. The chapters are short and easy to read. There are fifty-six woodland illustrations that are an absolute delight to look at, especially in the color Collector’s Edition. They’ll make you smile! The Whitten family is represented by bears and Chrissy explains the significance of Tammy’s artwork in the Legend section. Coincidentally, there are also fifty-six family photos. All the images make The Fall to the Climb a page turner!

In respect to formatting, we used the same journal-friendly template we used for book one. The chapter heads include a date, chapter number, and chapter title. The table of contents provide a quick reference to resources you’ll want to return to like the list of memory verses and songs. The eBook links each song directly to Spotify where Chrissy’s created a playlist.


We added a new element to book two—letters to Lilian inside of text boxes that look like pieces of paper. The effect signals to readers that what they’re about to read is personal and precious. We also used text boxes to set off details about a big fundraiser Chrissy organized in memory of her daughter.

The Blurb

How does a mother get through the days and months following the loss of her child? In The Fall to the Climb, Chrissy continues to chronicle her journey through a valley of loss and grief in 2010 before beginning the climb to a higher hope-filled perspective in 2011. The year after The Fight (book one) is a whole new wilderness. Chrissy describes how emotions, depression, nighttime, holidays, relational strains, and new endeavors loomed large after losing her firstborn daughter.

If you’ve lost a child or experienced loss of any kind, reading Chrissy’s CaringBridge posts feels like finding a friend who understands. You’ll see how she processed her grief and healed incrementally over the course of that first year. She includes intimate letters to her daughter, Lilian Grace, and shares Scripture, songs, and soul food that encouraged her and equipped her to climb beyond her loss.

The Fall to the Climb is book two in the series Journals from a Warrior’s Mother about a family’s faith journey through extraordinary circumstances.

Coming Soon

Chrissy is hoping to release book three in 2023, ten years after she survived brain surgery. You read that right. Her story’s not over! In fact, she still journals regularly. She’s been through so much, but as I heard her say recently, “If God brings you to it, He’s going to bring you through it.” She believes God can use any tragedy for good if you invite Him into your life and walk with Him. Her books and legacy will testify to that indefinitely.

We’re also working together on a study guide she wrote for book one. Chrissy wants to provide an opportunity for you to dive deeper into what she’s learned in hopes that it will draw you closer to God. The study guides (more will follow) will be a space where you can apply takeaways from the books and Scripture to your own life. Lord willing, the first study guide will also be released this year. An audio version of book one The Fight is under production.

About the Author

Chrissy L. Whitten holds a bachelor of science in leisure service management and a master of interdisciplinary studies in educational psychology, REMS, and leisure service management from Oklahoma State University. She has over thirty years’ experience working in youth programming and teaching fitness. She grew up in the Cushing and Stillwater, Oklahoma communities before marrying her husband, Michael, in December 2003. They lived in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, for fourteen years, where Chrissy was a 4-H extension educator. She founded the Warrior Princess Foundation after Lilian passed away and ran it for five years to raise money for trisomy 13 and 18 children. She now lives in Tuttle, Oklahoma with Michael and their two children (on earth), Piper and Daphne. Chrissy facilitates Calm Waters Grief student support groups for area schools.

Follow Chrissy for updates on book three, the study guide, and future projects. She’s also dreaming up a children’s series!


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