The Fight by Chrissy Whitten

One-Year Anniversary It’s been one year since author Chrissy Whitten released her first memoir, Journals from a Warrior’s Mother: The Fight. We recently caught up since working together, and she filled me in on her life post publishing! Chrissy shares what she’s learned about promoting her book and an update

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Riding the Wind by Calla Scott

A NaNoWriMo Success Story This week, my young friend and client, Calla Scott, is releasing her debut novella, Riding the Wind! Calla wrote her rough draft during the thirty-day NaNoWriMo challenge last November, an accomplishment that many writers only dream of. Her sixth-grade English teacher, along with her Hispanic Culture

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Types of Editing

“Books are collaborative creations.” Don’t be afraid to hire an editor. When you’ve finished self-editing and reading through your book out loud, it’s time to pass your manuscript off to a professional editor. This can be scary. You won’t feel ready, but don’t wait. When you allow someone else to

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Precious Moments

Taking care of two preschoolers is chaotic and exhausting. They frequently test my patience. One minute, they’re playing well together. The next minute, they’re fighting over a toy. They roughhouse and jump down the stairs. My two-year-old is constantly climbing to new heights. “Be a good example and get down,”

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